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A teacher’s DREAM.

I recently attended a conference and picked up some great sites that have great ideas to incorporate with technology. Please check them OUT!
Museum Box — This is a great technology piece for non-fiction stuff.  Students could do a report on science concepts, math concepts, social studies concepts, or non-fiction writing workshop samples.  Very neat!

Glogster — a great “virtual” poster presentation — a great way for students to showcase what they’ve learned about a concept.
email required

usable–yes & relevant

fun Yes–Try Voki

Took a little to catch on

Very minimal

Need e-mail address

Goanimate — Animate stories … concepts that students have learned about in class — can be collaborative or individual based on differentiation.
Edu and non-edu versions

Storybird — slick digital publishing piece for Writer’s Workshop.
more for elementary

Class account

how private or public


Storyjumper — if you can pull off having parents order these books (or perhaps work with a fundraising effort to get books for the library), this is a really neat publishing option.

Tagxedo — Neat for vocabulary study or digital publishing option for poetry.

Kerpoof — this has soooooo many different options as far as how you can use this in the classroom. Sky’s the limit!
Bookemon — you are able to design, share, and/or buy books that you digitally create.
Tiki-Toki — this is a really slick timeline piece.  Great for social studies concepts or story sequencing!

Fairly simple, confusing at times, might need to try a couple times

Layout or Themes are limited, but Try out the blank pages

Drag and Drop

E-mail required, can buy the book if you want, something worth trying

Templates good for primary


Educational Videos!~

A friend passed along a really great website full of educational videos for all students across most subjects and it’s just too good of a resource not to pass along.  Seems like it could be a great way to incorporate some technology in the classroom. Take a look when you get a chance J.



January’s newsletter from the CKSEC gave some great resources for teachers and some great apps for those using for those of you who have an iPad and use it in the classroom, or even with your kids at home.  This newsletter has 10 Free iPad apps listed

Check is out at

Central KY Special Education Coop – January 2012
Did you know…


    that Kentucky’s ranking in an annual grading of all states on key educatio indicators rose dramatically this year, placing the state 14th in the nation for its work on academic standards, the teaching profession and many other variables related to public education.  The ranking is contained in “Quality Counts,” a special report from Education Week.

Kentucky Department of Education

Transition Fair

Do you have students who need more information about agencies and services available once they exit high school?  If so, then the transition fair might be a good place to start.  The CKRITT/ CKSEC Transition Fair is scheduled for March 15 at the University of Kentucky Student Center.  Several agencies will be represented including BCTCS, UK, OVR and KHEAA.  This year we are focusing on students who have not previously attended a transition fair and are seniors.  If you would like more information about this opportunity, please contact:

Christina Krantz


How to “Manipulate” Students into Enjoying Math

March 13, 2012
Students best learn mathematics when taught from a conceptual framework. Manipulatives are concrete materials that build this conceptual understanding. Students who use manipulatives are more engaged, have a stronger conceptual foundation for math, and tend to like math class more.
This day will focus on the use of manipulatives at the middle and high school levels.  Participants will explore the use of several different manipulatives that can be used at the secondary (middle/high) level.
Participants are encouraged to bring in examples of materials they have used successfully in their classes.

Learn more and register at

Ten Free iPad Apps

Teachers Should Download Today!

7 Words : Great for building vocabulary. It’s not easy though! I would say good for high school students.
Doodle Kids:  This app is great for a multisensory writing experience.  Kids can use their fingers to write spelling words or sight words and they appear in a multitude of colors.  Also fun for drawing.   Totally appropriate for any age!
Idea Sketch: One of my favorite apps for prewriting. You can create a web or mind map, it puts it in outline form, email it to someone and it saves it on the Ipad.  Great for second grade and up!
ShowMe:  It’s a whiteboard on the Ipad.    It also records your voice and allows you to insert a picture.  Great for teacher demonstrations that students can view and listen to later.  Students can also record their thinking for teachers to listen to later.
TEDtv:  An awesome archive of inspirational videos, ideas and relevant topics.  These are great discussion starters for the Middle School and High School Classroom.  Many credible, well known and highly respected primary sources.
PBS Kids:  Great for preschool through early first grade.  Includes videos of Curious George, The Cat in the Hat, Elmo and more.  New videos are highlighted each week.  
Discover:  Free Encyclopedia.  Each day new stories and topics are highlighted which makes this app fun.  However, one caution, it is Wikipedia. But there is a lot of good information on Wikipedia.  Just make sure students understand this is a jumping off point for further research around a topic.  Very appropriate for grades 4 and up.
On This Day:  Calling all history buffs, this app is for you.  It takes the current day and highlight world events as far back as the year 1287!  It also links to further information on the selected event.
Tales2Go:  Free 30 day trial.  Recorded books for the Ipad.  Search by age, most popular, series, ect.  Includes such kid favorites as “ Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “Clifford”.
Captions: An easy way to get students writing. Just import pictures from your camera roll and students can add captions.  They can export them to a school Facebook page or email them for printing.  A great starter for narrative writing. Excellent for students of all ages.


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