A teacher’s DREAM.

I recently attended a conference and picked up some great sites that have great ideas to incorporate with technology. Please check them OUT!
Museum Box — This is a great technology piece for non-fiction stuff.  Students could do a report on science concepts, math concepts, social studies concepts, or non-fiction writing workshop samples.  Very neat!

Glogster — a great “virtual” poster presentation — a great way for students to showcase what they’ve learned about a concept. 
email required

usable–yes & relevant

fun Yes–Try Voki

Took a little to catch on

Very minimal

Need e-mail address

Goanimate — Animate stories … concepts that students have learned about in class — can be collaborative or individual based on differentiation.
Edu and non-edu versions

Storybird — slick digital publishing piece for Writer’s Workshop.
more for elementary

Class account

how private or public


Storyjumper — if you can pull off having parents order these books (or perhaps work with a fundraising effort to get books for the library), this is a really neat publishing option.

Tagxedo — Neat for vocabulary study or digital publishing option for poetry.

Kerpoof — this has soooooo many different options as far as how you can use this in the classroom. Sky’s the limit!
Bookemon — you are able to design, share, and/or buy books that you digitally create.
Tiki-Toki — this is a really slick timeline piece.  Great for social studies concepts or story sequencing!

Fairly simple, confusing at times, might need to try a couple times

Layout or Themes are limited, but Try out the blank pages

Drag and Drop

E-mail required, can buy the book if you want, something worth trying

Templates good for primary


About cbramble1

I am a teacher at Second Street School. I am currently attending Georgetown College to recieve my Graduate Degree. I am a very busy mom of three kids...senior, 6th, and 3rd. Besides being a very busy shuttle service, I teach, coach and play tennis! I enjoy getting kids into a lifetime sport! I will graduate in August and will be one happy camper. My goal is to put technology into the hands of every kid I can!

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